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R-Studio Technician/T80+

R-Studio Technician/T80+ Demo can perform all data recovery actions except saving recovered files greater than 256 KB and multi-pass imaging.


The R-Studio T80+ version requires an active internet connection to run and register. You may read more about R-Studio T80+ in our article R-Studio T80+ - A Professional Data Recovery and Forensic Solution for Small Business and Individuals Just for US$1/day.


R-Studio Technician has additional controls on its main panel.  Click the panel regions to learn their functions.


This chapter covers features that available only in the R-Studio Technician/T80+ versions have additional features that are not available in other versions:.

Portable version


Additional Recovery Options

Hidden Devices

File Information

Symbolic Link Processing

Custom Recovery Lists

Drive Copy Wizard

File Maps

I/O Monitor and Sector Map files

Runtime Imaging

Multi-pass Imaging

Reverse RAIDs

Working with the Third-Party Hardware

Forensic Mode


Some other information about R-Studio Technician/T80+ is shown on the following pages:

R-Studio Settings

Drive Scan


BitLocker Drive Encryption

Apple CoreStorage/FileVault/Fusion Drive Volumes

Connecting over the Internet

Supported Virtual Disk and Disk Image Formats