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Data Recovery over Network

Available in the Corporate and Technician/Y80+ versions. The Standalone version works with networks only in the Demo mode.

This chapter explains how to perform data recovery operations over network.

R‑Studio has network capabilities that allow the system administrator, using its computer, to recover files on any computers accessible over network.

R‑Studio supports the TCP/IP protocol and any protocol supported in Microsoft Network.

R‑Studio Agent must be installed on computers where files are to be recovered. This program gives R‑Studio access to local drives on remote computers over network.

If, due to file system crash, the network computer where you are going to recover your data cannot start, you may use R‑Studio Agent Emergency to start the computer.

Files can be recovered without R‑Studio Agent if the computer where the files are to be recovered runs Windows is accessible from a computer also running Windows. In this case, the administrator must have administrator privileges on the remote computer.

You should always disable a firewall and/or antivirus software on the both computers. As an alternative, advanced users may tune them to allow R‑Studio and R‑Studio Agent to communicate via network.

All data transmitted over network are encrypted with a strong algorithm for data security. Restoring data over network is very much the same as that on a local computer.


In addition, R‑Studio can load/​save any files like drive images , scan info files, RAID configuration files, from/to the computers to which it has access using R‑Studio Agent .


R‑Studio Agent

Data Recovery over Network

Connecting over the Internet