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R-Studio Emergency

R-Studio Emergency is a tool that allows you to startup a computer with a damaged startup disk and recover data stored on its hard drives. Then restored data can either be saved on its disk or transferred to a working computer via a network.

The R-Studio Emergency version is a part of the R-Studio software package.

You may run this R-Studio Emergency version on a computer for which you have bought an R-Studio license, and you may not transfer the licensed software to another computer.

R-Studio Emergency

Contact Information and Technical Support

Installing R-Studio Emergency Startup Media Creator

Creating Startup Disks


R-Studio Emergency Operation

Starting a Computer with the R-Studio Emergency Startup Disks

File Recovery

Searching for a File

Disk Scan

Disk Images


Using R-Studio Emergency as Emergency Agent


Technical Information

Network Drives

Properties and Text/Hexadecimal Viewer


Devices to Store Recovered Files


Hardware Compatibility List