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Portable version

R-Studio Technician may be installed on and run from, a removable device like a USB memory stick. This portable version has all functionality of an installable version and can be used on any Windows computer.


R-Studio Technician Portable creation

A device for the portable version should have approximately 500 MB of free space.

Select Creation a portable version... on the Installation mode panel during installation.

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Installation mode

and continue installation process.

R-Studio Technician Portable start .

* Insert the removable device with R-Studio Technician Portable

R-Studio Technician starts automatically if AutoRun and AutoPlay services are enabled.

If they are disabled, go to the device and start the program manually.


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R-Studio Technician Portable start


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R-Studio Technician Portable start

R-Studio Technician Portable activation

Sometimes R-Studio Technician Portable may need activation. You may do it the following way:

* If there's a working internet connection for the computer: enter the registration code for R-Studio Technician Portable .

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R-Studio Technician Portable start

If there's no internet connections: You need to manually obtain an activation code to complete the registration.

The Online Activation dialog window will appear.

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R-Studio Technician Portable Online Activation dialog box

You may copy the url with the activation information and go to it on another computer connected to the Internet, obtain the activation code, and enter it into the respective field on the dialog box.

You may also use your smartphone to activate R-Studio . Scan the QR-code and go to the specified URL, obtain the activation code, and finish program activation.

R-Studio Technician Portable operation

You may work with  the same way as with an installed R-Studio Technician , including its work with data recovery hardware.

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R-Studio Technician Portable with data recovery hardware