File Recovery FAQ

1. My hard drive appears to have a hardware problem. But my data stored on it is very important to me. Can R-Studio help me?
2. I lost my information. What are guidelines I should follow before and during restoring data?
3. What is the difference between R-Studio and R-Undelete?
4. I used a partition manager. It failed and now almost all files on the disk are lost. Can R-Studio help me to recover my files?
5. The MBR of my drive is damaged. Can R-Studio restore it?
6. I have only one logical partition on my single system HD and I need to recover some accidentally deleted files urgently. How can I use your software to recover them?
7. I have C and D disks. I want to recover files form disk D only. Can I install R-Studio Demo or R-Undelete on Disk C?
8. If I emptied my Recycle Bin, can I find files that had been there before?
9. I have deleted logical disks. Moreover, I have created new disks where the old ones were resided. Can R-Studio help me?
10. When opening a disk I see some files marked with a red cross, some without. Does the red cross means that the file is unrecoverable?
11. What if I apply the Restore command to the files not being deleted?
12. When I recovered files, I see a bunch of files called 000456.pdf, 000578.pdf, etc. Does that mean I need to rename them manually to the names I want?
13. I see folders named as '$$$Folder58448' or so. All they have a red X on them. What does that mean?
14. What do all the colors of Recognized partitions mean?
15. Windows does not start on my computer anymore. How can I recover my files?
16. From which drives will R-Studio family utilities recover files?
17. Will R-Studio family utilities recover long file names? Will they recover localized names?
18. Where can R-Studio family utilities save recovered files?
19. Can I save MAC-HFS files onto a FAT32 disk without destroying the HFS format, or do I need to save recovered files as an image, or onto another HFS DISK?
20. Does R-Studio write anything onto an HDD?
21. My flash memory card had a problem. It lost the previous file system. I scanned the Flash memory, checked all Recognized Partitions but nothing was found. All my pictures has gone. If there is any other way to try to find my files?
22. I know that R-Studio can preview many file types. I need to recover more than 1000 files but wish to check if they can be recovered before purchasing the software. If your Demo previews 10-20 files and all of them are Ok, does that mean that all of them (1000) can also be recovered?
23. How can I check which type of file system I deal with in R-Studio?
24. My HDD is not recognized by BIOS. Can R-Studio help?
25. Can I recover data from a damaged DVD/CD-RW?
27. I gave my HDD to a data recovery company and they copied all recovered files into another HDD. Some of the recovered files cannot be opened. Can I use R-Studio to recover them from the new HDD?
28. My HDD has failed. I ran R-Studio and found all my files and recovered them. The recovered files can not be opened. I think because my original HDD was encrypted. Can R-Studio help here?
29. R-Studio scans my disk for a long time. Can I stop it and check the results?
30. How to speed scan up?
31. I tried to scan my CD disc but such option is not available. Why?
32. I want to scan just specific folder(s). Can I do that?
33. I saved the scan info of an HDD. Do I need that HDD itself to recover data or this scan info is enough?
34. I re-ran your program several times. Now I see that R-Studio does not save all the scan info until it is closed. Can I flush such info before closing?
35. I have an image created by R-Drive Image and tried to recover deleted files on it using your R-Studio but failed. Why did I wrong?
36. I have an image created by R-Studio and wish to restore it to another HDD. Can I do that?
37. I recently purchased a license of R-studio NTFS, I am planning to uninstall it from the current machine, can I reinstall it on other machine?
38. R-studio had been working fine for a long time until I upgraded the server from windows 2003 to R2, now the application is seen on the taskbar, but I cannot open it to start working. Uninstalling/re-installing several times does not help.
39. I tried to recover a file, but failed with error code (801)
40. When I opened files on a disk, R-Studio shows the data structure quite correctly. But I cannot find several files. They have disappeared from the folders they originally resided. Where have they gone and how I can found them?
41. How can I recover my Linux Ext2 partition if R-Studio works only under Windows?
42. I started creating an image of a disk. It stops at about 4Gb. Why?
43. What is the best way to recover files from hard drive with bad sectors?
44. What does 'Fixup out of bounds' mean?
45. Which NTFS file extended information can R-Studio recover? Are there any restrictions or guidelines?
46.I'm recovering all files from a 1GB memory card with a corrupted file system. But R-Studio is showing me that it is going to recover more than 3GB of data. How is that possible?
47.I cannot recover some files after an accidental quick-format of an NTFS disk on an XP machine. No files have been written on the disk after the format. My R-Studio runs on a Windows 7 computer. Why is this problem?
48. I know that data from a RAID 0 cannot be recovered if one HDD is gone. Can R-Studio help here?
49. I created a RAID 5 but I am not sure which order of parent disks should be. Can your program figure it out?
50. I had RAID 5 with 4 disks. I have created a Virtual RAID 5 with 3 disks because the second drive does not work properly. I heard that RAID 5 should be OK when one disk is gone. I try to find my file system and it did not work. What was wrong?
51. I need to create a RAID and I want to attach two disks via USB, one as internal (slave) one, and one will be connected as an image. Can I still use the Virtual RAID option in R-Studio?
52. I wish to recover data from a NAS storage. Is R-Studio Network a solution for me?
53. Why do I need R-Studio Agent? Why cannot I use just a mapped drive to recover data via network?
54. I installed Agent on a remote PC and started R-Studio. R-Studio doesn't see my remote PC. Why?
55. I have R-Studio Emergency and R-Studio Agent Emergency. R-Studio Emergency can boot my PC but Agent Emergency cannot. Why?
56. I have R-Studio Network installed on my Windows machine. Can I use its network capabilities to recover files from Mac computers?
57. For a test purpose, I created a small file, saved it to a disk, deleted it, and tried to recover it using R-Studio. But neither R-Studio, not R-Undelete could even find the file. What went wrong?
58. I have lost my pst file because I deleted the customer profile. Can your R-Mail program find and recover it?
59. I have deleted my e-mail in Yahoo (Hotmail, GMAIL) box. Can you R-Mail program help to recover it?
60. I deleted my e-mails more than 6 months ago. Since then I got many new ones but I want to find some of deleted e-mails. Can your R-Mail program help here?
61. I did a base recovery and found my e-mails . What are the next steps? Can I move then into my existing inbox?
62. I completed Base Recovery and I do not see any e-mail message that I deleted. If there are some other ways to try?
63. I have found and recover my emails but one of them doesn't have the attachment any more. The attachment is corrupted. What can I do?
64. I have recovered many mails using R-Mail for Outlook Express. How can I import them into my existing mail box?
65. MS Excel cannot open my Excel spreadsheet. Can you program help?
66. MS Word cannot open my Word document. Can you program help?
67. I can't start my Windows 8 computer with the R-Studio Emergency or R-Studio Emergency Agent startup disk. Why?
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