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Mounting Virtual Objects in the System as Virtual Drives

Technician/T80+ version only.


Virtual objects created in the Device view pane of R‑Studio can be mounted in the system as read-only virtual drives. Such virtual drives become accessible to the system and to other programs. Moreover, such virtual drives remain mounted after R‑Studio has been closed.


To mount a virtual object as a read-only virtual drive in the system

1 Right-click the virtual object and select Mount on the shortcut menu
2 Select the mount type on the Mount as a virtual drive dialog box and click the OK button.

Click to expand/collapse Mount options


> A read-only virtual drive will appear in the Drives panel

And in the system (Windows Disk Management)


as a partition (Windows Disk Management)

And this virtual disk becomes accessible to the system and other programs.


To unmount a virtual drive

1 Right-click the virtual drive in the Drives panel and select Unmount on the shortcut menu