Apple CoreStorage/File Vault/Fusion Drive Volumes

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The macOS operating system has the following disk management systems:

File Vault, is a disk encrypted utility;

Fusion Drive is an Apple's hybrid drive technology;

CoreStorage is a logical volume management system.


R‑Studio supports all these technologies and can unlock their encrypted volumes (hard drives and images).

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Locked CoreStorage Volume in R-Studio

To unlock the volume

1.Right-click the encrypted volume and select Unlock encrypted drive on the shortcut menu.
2.Enter the password on the Unlock encrypted drive dialog box
>R‑Studio will unlock the volume
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Unlocked CoreStorage Volume in R-Studio


If the volume is partially encrypted, R‑Studio can recognize which part is encrypted and which isn't. It will  provide a correct access to the unencrypted and encrypted parts of the volume, provided that the correct password is entered.

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Partially encrypted volume