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  • Default Parameters of Software Stripe Sets (RAID 0) in Mac OS X

The Mac OS X operating system allows its users to create only software mirrors and stripe sets (RAID 0). For the latter, it's necessary to specify some parameters when creating their virtual counterparts in R-Studio for data recovery. If those aren't known, most likely they have the following default values:

  • Offset: 0
  • RAID type: RAID0 (Stripe set)
  • Block size: 32 kb (64 sectors)
  • Block order: Default

A typical virtual RAID setup for such stripe set is shown on the Fig.
RAID parameters and layout for a default software stripe set created in Mac OS X
Fig. RAID parameters and layout for a default software stripe set created in Mac OS X
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Please note the following:

  • The virtual RAID should be created from the Raid partitions.
  • The RAID parents should be placed in the correct order.
  • The Block size parameter may have other (non-default) values: 16KB (32 sectors), 64KB (128 sectors), 128KB (256 sectors), and 256KB (512 sectors).

Please remember that stripe sets (RAID 0) don't provide any means to protect data against its lost due to disk failure. If any disk from such RAID layout physically fails beyond recovery, all data from the entire RAID setup will be lost completely.

If all disks of a stripe set (RAID 0) are healthy and no data on them is corrupted, R-Studio should be able to re-construct it structure and recover its files.

Mac Recovery Feedback
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I used some software for data recovery on MAC, but THIS IS only one, that help me!!!

THX :)

Tom from Hungary
Consiglio vivamente, R Studio Mac è un programma eccezionale, grazie ad esso sono riuscito a ricostruire un Raid 0 (striped) e ho recuperato 4 TB di files che credevo persi. Avevo provato anche con altri SW ma senza risultato!! Grazie
Made the classic mistake of working too hard with too little sleep. Working on my own stuff so I didn`t take the precautions I should have.

Needless to say a RAID0 set created using Apple`s Disk Utility was broken and formatted as a new RAID0. I immediately recognized my mistake and shut down the server.

After some web surfing and saki I found R-Studio.

After the other utilities I normally use failed, R-Studio was able to create an image of the broken (and reformatted) RAID disks.

The entire volume ...
5+ Я мог восстановить RAID-5 20TB для мака. Это пожалуй лучшее решение по восстановлению RAID массива. Всем рекомендую.
5+ I was able to repair my RAID-5 for Mac volume to 20 TB - it`s the best solution. I would recommend.
I would just like to thank you for an excellent product. I was able to recover nearly a terabyte of data after a raid 6 array failed. My customer was ecstatic over the results