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I/O Monitor and Sector Map Files

These features greatly improves working with failing drives for R-Studio for Linux .

I/O Monitor

I/O Monitor allows you to inspect the process of drive input/output operations in real time. When R-Studio for Linux performs a disk operation the I/O Monitor button becomes active.

Click this button, and the I/O Monitor will appear.

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I/O Monitor

You may also start I/O Monitor from the context menu and progress dialog boxes during various drive operations.

Sector Map Files

Sector map files are files that contain information about conditions of drive sectors, which may be good, bad, slow, and unstable. R-Studio for Linux estimates chances for successful file recovery basing on these files and avoiding unnecessary attempts to read bad sectors . Sector map files are crucial for multi-pass imaging .

R-Studio for Linux creates its own sector map files or can import such files created from other disk imaging programs. Currently R-Studio for Linux supports sector map files from HDDSuperClone and DDRescue .

To open, save or clean a sector map file for an object,

* Right-click the object and select Open Sector Map, Save Sector Map, or Clean Sector Map, respectively, on the context menu.

You may look at the graphical representation of the loaded sector map by starting I/O Monitor .

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Sector Map