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R-Studio Technician can perform several tasks simultaneously. For example, you can simultaneously recover files from one disk, create an image of another disk, and scan a loaded image. The number of simultaneously running tasks depends on the system performance: CPU power, RAM size, free space on the disks, data transfer speed, and so on.

When, for example, 3 tasks are simultaneously running, R-Studio Technician will mark them with a special rotating sign in its Device view pane. In our this example, these 3 tasks are file recovery from a logical disk (partition), hard drive image creation, and scanning of an image of a hard drive.

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Three tasks running

It also shows a list of running tasks. You may switch to the required task by clicking it. The progress bar at the bottom show the overall progress of all tasks.

Each task runs independently in its own tab, has its own I/O Monitor , and can be independently controlled:

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File recovery

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Image creation


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Image scan


When all tasks have been completed, R-Studio Technician will show their results with special marks.

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All task completed

These marks will disappear when the corresponding tabs are opened.