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Searching for a File

R-Studio can find a particular file, if it is difficult to find it manually on the Folders or Files panel. You can also automatically mark all found files.

To search for a file,

1 Click the Find button

Click to expand/collapse Other ways to search for the file

2 Specify a file to be found and its options on the Find dialog box, and click the OK button

Note that a File Mask may be applied.

Click to enlarge

Find/Mark dialog box

Click to expand/collapse Find/Mark options


> R-Studio will show/mark the found file(s)

If you need to find and mark many files, go to the Find and Mark Multiple Files topic for details.

To repeat the search,

* Click the Find Next or Find Previous buttons

Click to expand/collapse Other ways to repeat the search

To find all files and show them on the Find Results panel,

* Select Find all on the on the Find dialog box,


select Find all on the Tools menu

> R-Studio will show the found files on the Find Results panel

You may do the following actions on the found files:

Recover , Mark , Preview

by control-clicking the found file and selecting the appropriate item in the contextual menu.