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Mass File Recovery

Recovery of multiple files

If you need to recover multiple files you may do it through the following steps:

1 Find and mark all the necessary files

Go to the Find and Mark Multiple Files topic for more information

2 Recover all marked files in a single file recovery step

Go to the Recover Multiple Files for more information

3 Create file recovery lists to manually edit the list of files to recovery

Go to the File Recovery Lists topic for more information

Memory considerations

R-Studio stores information about found files in computer memory. If there are too many files, R-Studio may run out of it. To avoid this, you have two options:

Recover all files

If you want to recover data from an entire file system object (a logical disk, partition , partition image , etc.), you may use the Recover All Files command from the Drive or contextual menu. Right click the object in the Drives panel to access the contextual menu. A Recover dialog box will appear. Select required restore settings, including file mask. This command restores unlimited number of files without memory restrictions.

View file information in steps

As soon as R-Studio nearly runs out of memory, a Too many files... message appears. You may temporally stop file listing and browse through found files. Then you can resume file listing. You also may skip this file section and continue file listing.

In all cases, R-Studio keeps information about the entire file structure.

Find and Mark Multiple Files

Recover Multiple Files