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Scanning large objects may take a long time. Sometimes, only smaller area of a disk needs to be scanned or searched for files. Such area is called a region . A region can be created on any object in the R-Studio 's Drives panel.

Created regions can be scanned, and files on them can be recovered in the same way as from hard drives or logical disks.

Created regions can be deleted.

Note: R-Studio does not create anything real on the disk. Regions are virtual objects that do not affect actual data on the disk.

To create a region

1 Select an object on the R-Studio 's Drives panel and click the Create Region button

Click to expand/collapse Other ways to create the region

2 Specify required parameters on the Create region dialog box and click the Create button
Click to enlarge

Create region dialog box

Click to expand/collapse Region options

> A Region object will appear on the Drives panel.

To change the size of a region

* Control -click the Region on the R-Studio Drives panel, select Edit on the contextual menu, and enter a new size on the Edit Region dialog box.

To convert a region into an exclusive one

* Control-click the Region on the R-Studio Drives panel and select Exclude area on the  contextual menu

To remove a region

* Select a Region on the R-Studio's Drives panel and click the Remove button , or

Control-click the selected region and select Remove Region on the contextual menu.