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High Sierra+: Running R-Studio for the First Time

When you start R-Studio for the first time on macOS High Sierra and higher, a System Extension Blocked warning message will appear.

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System Extension Blocked message


At the same time R-Studio will throw its own message:

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R-Studio Warning Message

If you need access to your system disk, click the Open Security Preferences button on any of the messages, go to the Security and Privacy preferences, and click the Allow button..

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Security and Privacy preferences


R-Studio will start with full access to your system disk. You need to follow this procedure only once, next time R-Studio will start without these messages.


If you don’t want to unblock R-Studio , click the Exit button on the R-Studio's message. R-Studio will start and work properly, but without access to the system disk and when you  start R-Studio next time, its message will appear again. You will be able to unblock the program if needed.