R-Studio Agent for Mac

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You need to have an administrative account on the Mac computer to start R-Studio Agent for Mac.

R-Studio Agent should be installed on a network computer to enable R-Studio access to its drives. R-Studio Agent should be registered.

If, due to file system crash, the network computer where you are going to recover your data cannot start, you may use R-Studio Agent Emergency to start the computer.

To start the R-Studio Agent for Mac and access its main panel,

1Go to the Application folder, double-click R-Studio Agent for Mac, and enter the account password
>The main panel will appear. You may view its log
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R-Studio Agent for Mac main panel

To configure R-Studio Agent,

1Select Preferences on the R-Studio Agent menu
2Specify required parameters on the R-Studio Agent Preferences dialog box and click the OK button
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R-Studio Agent Preferences

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>R-Studio Agent will now run with the specified parameters

Connecting from R-Studio Agent for Mac to R-Studio.

To establish a connection from R-Studio Agent for Mac to R-Studio,

1Run the R-Studio Agent for Mac and select Connect from the Tools menu
2Enter the necessary information on the Connect to R-Studio dialog box and click the Connect button.
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Connect to R-Studio dialog box

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>R-Studio Agent for Mac will connect to the computer where R-Studio is running and it will show the hard drive and logical disk structure of the remote computer.way as that on a local computer.