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Recover Multiple Files

If R‑Studio for Linux while recovering files encounters either an already existing file or file with a broken name, normally it will stop working and ask you what to do with the file. If you recover multiple files, that may require you answer a lot of the same questions. You may use Mass File Recovery Options on the Recover dialog box to instruct R‑Studio for Linux what to do in those cases for all files.

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Recover (Advanced) dialog box

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Extended options

These options give you more flexible ways to process multiple files with the same name. You may compare files by time (Modified) and size, and decide what R‑Studio for Linux should do with those duplicates. If any of the files has an invalid time, the comparison by time is skipped. In this case, if comparison by size is not  active, R‑Studio for Linux goes to the default action..

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Recover (Advanced - Extended options) dialog box

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