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Thank you very much for R-Studio for Linux.
Please pay attention to new Linux package manager `Snappy` =>
Good luck!
May 18 2018, MaximPe
Great programm, great service, TOP !A+++
Feb 15 2018, Van Den Bosch Jan (Silvester)
While currently evaluatin R-Studio for Linux i`m quite impressed with how thorough it is.

Regrettably it`s not possible to simply restore the accidently zapped partitions ?

An installer wiped my boot drive without asking and erased LVM and other partitions.
Aug 17 2017, Joris Lambrecht
I used R-Linux to recovery my company files after a RAID 1 failure. Not only did it work great in windows 10 but it was free. You guys are awesome!!! A+++++++++++++ I hope I never need your software again:)
Apr 19 2017, Mitch Maxwell (SmileDog Embroidery & Screen Printing)
R-Linux 5.4 восстановил данные c переразбитого и переформатированного два раза раздела, после переустановки ОС дважды! Лучший софт!
Feb 24 2017, Вячеслав (Vista)
I just used your free R-Linux program to recover some videos from a 2-Tb WD MyBook Live hard drive. I was able to save them to my Windows XP drive. Other data recovery software was not able to even read the MBL data partition. Your program was very easy to use and worked without any problems. I appreciate your fine work. Thank you.
Mar 06 2016, R Ofstun
With the R-Studio for Linux, I was able to recover the critical data and programs from a corrupt virtual server image file after our backups failed. It took a lot of disk space and a couple of days to sift through the recovered data, but in the end, a critical project and several months worth of work was saved.

Thank you!!
Apr 04 2014, Anne Sullivan (SOPAC/IGPP)
Hello from Spain !
I only write to thank your excellent freeware solution (R-Studio for Linux).It saved my life!.I had tried other tools (some of them not freeware), but they didn't work.
I was desperated when I found your software and I could recover (in just 2 days) ALL my files from my HD with corrupt partitions.
I am indebted to you from now on.
Thank very much.
Jun 08 2012, Pedro Fernandez
I just wanted to say that your software is incredible. I love it, I had a hard drive with a bad volumne and I could not access it. I was about to spend over $1000 plus have my client down for 2 days to get the data back. I found your site and download your r-studio and I was up an running in a couple of hours. Thank you so much I'm going to tell everyone I know about your software and company.
May 05 2012, Harold Connor
I tried various tools also from well known companies to recover my badly destroyed linux ext2 partition but they all failed completely !!
Then i found the R-Tools and this brilliant software recovered all of my data, incredible !!
You could demand thousands of dollars for this fantastic software. a very helpful feature is the choice to convert filenames automatically.
May 04 2012, Manfred Niesser
Your r-studio linux program save my all my personal and company data when a certain windows ext2 driver ate my superblocks for dinner. I tried many different Linux-based solutions, but yours (ironically written for Windows) allowed me to recover ALL my data!!! Thanks so much, and I will purchase any of your other products should I need them in the future.
Apr 26 2012, Stephen Vierling
I am extremely pleased with the performance of R-Studio for Linux, so much so that I saw about getting volume licensing for all the machines at the company where I work. I am only curious as to when you may begin to support some other files ystems such as ReiserFS, as I am begging to deploy a greater amount of linux servers in our infrastructure and would like to protect these upcoming filesystems as well. Thanks for such a great package, it saves me a great deal of effort by not having to resort to restoring from tape as often.
Mar 19 2012, Curtis Turner
Hy why you dont add you soft to ubuntu sowtware center (there is buy possible) i think many users wants to but try it from ubuntu software center, and in here dont exists any other good software.
Aug 12 2011, grek
R-Studio for Linux is a nice tool, BUT on my 4,8 GB notebook harddisk it can only find die WinME-partition (2,8GB) and doesn't find the 2 Linux-partition and the one Linux-swap-partition. What can I do to get access to the Linux-partition, because my linux partition are corrupted?
May 04 2008, Josef Glidden
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