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362 feedbacks
Rating: 4.8 / 5

I used some software for data recovery on MAC, but THIS IS only one, that help me!!!

THX :)

Tom from Hungary
I want to upgrade it to the technician tool.
This tool is amazing. I was able to recover 5 years` worth of lost photos by imaging 4 disks from a corrupted RAID 10 array.

It did a byte copy of the disks and then replicated the array layout and I could see the files instantly. I`d recommend it to anyone, especially at these license fees. You`ll struggle to get better for the price.
After several attempts, using various softwaretools, I wasn`t able to recover any files from my encrypted drive.
I almost had to come to terms with the darkest of dark scenarios, losing it all to oblivion and no one to blame but myself.
Then I came across the demo version of R-studio and decided to giving it a final try.
YES-yes-yes... Utterly wonderfully fabulously FANTASTIC R-Studio!
The most important files were in good condition so (the paid version of) R-Studio could recover these right away.
Unfortunately ...
I accidentally deleted several gigs worth of data from an external drive - no restore point. I tried other recovery software, but what was `recovered` was mostly junk files in randomized order. Considering the cost of professional data recovery, and given the online reviews, I decided to purchase R-Studio.

Wow. Everything - like, EVERYTHING I had ever moved to the Trash from that drive - was recovered, folder and subfolder structure intact.

I am grateful and beyond impressed at this program`s price point ...